How Can I Burn a Crossfade CD Using Windows Media Player?

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"Crossfading" is when the end of a song on your CD fades and another song begins to play. The songs slightly overlap each other, creating a unique musical effect. You can easily burn a crossfade CD using Windows Media Player. By tweaking the burn settings, you can create a CD that sounds professional and smooth.

Open Windows Media Player and insert a blank CD into your disc drive.

Open your playlist that you are going to burn onto the CD.

Go to "View" at the top of the menu and then select "Full Mode."

Go to "Enhancements > Crossfading and Auto Volume Leveling." Make sure the "Crossfading" box is checked.

Slide the bar to customise how long you want the songs to overlap each other.

Hit "Burn" at the top of the menu to begin burning your crossfade CD. The time it takes to burn is relative to the amount of data you are burning and the speed at which you are burning.