How to turn off ligatures in indesign

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Some font creators incorporate additional features in their fonts called ligatures. Ligatures describe the way two or more fonts interact. For example, a common ligature occurs with "fi" in which the dot is dropped from the "i" and the f-line connects with the top of the "i." While ligatures can be a useful tool in document design and aid in readability, they may be undesirable for some types of documents or for certain text combinations. However, Adobe InDesign's default options automatically incorporate ligatures. Fortunately, you can easily remove the ligatures from selected text or entire text boxes.

Select the text that contains the ligatures.

Click on the flyout menu on the Control Panel.

Deselect "Ligatures."

Select the text box that contains ligatures. You can also complete the following steps prior to creating a text box.

Click on the "Window" menu and hover over "Type & Tables." Select "Character" to open the character panel.

Click on the character panel flyout menu.

Deselect "Ligatures."

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