How to Convert CDG to a Computer Format

Updated March 23, 2017

CDG or CD+G files are karaoke CDs that include both audio and graphic data. The graphic data on a CDG includes the lyrics sheets that display on the video screen when a CDG is played in a video-enabled karaoke device. CDG audio files are saved in the typical CD audio file type, “.cda”. The music files on a CDG disk may be ripped using Windows Media Player, as with other audio CDs. The audio on CDG disks may be played on a standard computer CD player so converting CDG songs to computer files is a straightforward task. Note that a CD-ROM drive that reads sub-channel data is required to view the lyric graphics of a CDG on the computer screen. However, any CD player will play the audio.

Insert the CDG into the CD-ROM drive on the computer.

Click the “Start” button and then click “Windows Media Player” to open the player application.

Click the entry for the CD drive in the left selection pane. The CD drive should be listed at or near the bottom of the list, and should have the CDG’s title in the link. The songs on the CD will list in the right pane of the Windows Media Player.

Click the down-pointing arrow under the “Rip” button, and click “More Options.” The More Options configuration box will launch.

Click the tab labelled “Rip Music.”

Click the “Change’ button to change the location where the ripped music files will be saved. Select a folder from the dialogue box and click “OK.” The location will be saved.

Select how the files will be named by clicking the “File Name” button. Files may be named by the song title, artist, album or a combination of these attributes.

Select one of the formats from the “Rip Settings Format” drop-down box. Choices include MP3 files, Windows Media Audio (WMA) files and WAVE (WAV) files. All files are playable on a computer with Windows Media Player installed.

Click the “OK” button. The Rip settings will be saved.

Click the “Rip” button on the top navigation panel of Windows Media Player. A line of checked checkboxes will appear in front of the song titles on the CDG.

Uncheck each song to omit from the copying/ripping process and leave the desired tracks checked.

Click the “Start Rip” button in the lower right corner of the Rip interface of Windows Media Player. The audio files will be copied from the CDG disk and saved in the selected format to the computer in the specified location.

Play the files in a compatible audio player.

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