The Best Posing Trunks

Written by ryan biddulph | 13/05/2017
The Best Posing Trunks
Choose comfortable posing trunks. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Posing is an overlooked aspect of a bodybuilder's skill set. Confident posers who craft a technically-sound posing routine with the proper presentation can place higher than a bodybuilder with a superior musculature. To show your physique properly, select the appropriate posing trunks. Trunks can vary greatly in their style of cut and fit. Choose a suit which fits well and allows you to feel comfortable on stage.


Select your posing trunks well before the bodybuilding competition. Some bodybuilders require a custom-made pair or trunks, while others have to order their pair through the mail. Before entering a contest, do a test shoot with the pair on to ensure the trunks fit you properly.


Most bodybuilding organisations stipulate that posing trunks be solid in colour without any markings. The thong style of trunk is not allowed. Pay attention to where the suit rides on your hips. Also note how wide the trunks are cut in the back. A bodybuilder with a larger frame should select a higher-cut posing trunk, while an athlete with a narrow waist should wear trunks cut lower at the waist and higher at the leg.

Skin Tone

The colour of your posing trunks should complement your skin tone, hair colour and physique. If you have blond hair and a light tan, choose black or royal blue dark-coloured trunks. A dark-haired person with a dark tan might select a lighter-coloured posing trunk, such as gold, white or yellow. Dark coloured trunks hide any oil or body dye mistakenly applied to the apparel.

Extra Pair

The suit may become discoloured after applying tanning oil. Keep a backup pair of trunks in case your original pair is soiled or misplaced before the bodybuilding contest.

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