How to Convert an SSP to an MP3

Written by matthew fortuna | 13/05/2017
How to Convert an SSP to an MP3
MP3 files are among the most compatible with CDs. (cds image by MLProject from

SSP files are common with a variety of programs, but are not compatible with a number of downloads, discs and players. Far less accessible than many similar extensions, you can convert your SSP files using the Apple iTunes player and the Music Match Jukebox program, both avalable as free downloads from their official websites. Conversion to MP3 will take only minutes and will allow you to burn the files to CD or transfer to MP3 players.

Open iTunes on your desktop and click "Edit">"Preferences">"Import Settings" in the main menu.

Click "Import Using: MP3 Encoder" in the main menu and click "OK."

Drag your SSP file onto the iTunes page and right-click on the file.

Select "Create MP3 Version" in the pop-up menu.

Launch the Jukebox on your desktop and select "File">"Options">"Convert" in the menu bar.

Use the upper right menu to select a folder to send your converted file to and click "MP3" in the "Destination Data Type" menu.

Click on your SSP file in the "Source Directory" window.

Click "Start" to convert your file and send it to your selected folder.

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