How to Fix a Laser Pointer

Updated February 21, 2017

A laser beam gets focused through a lens before it exits the front of a laser pointer. A lens that has become clouded from dirt or other detriments in the environment will impair the intensity of the laser light. You can fix the laser pointer so that the beam of laser light is again displayed with its full intensity. A few common household items are needed, but no special tools or expensive cleaning products.

Remove the battery cap from the back end of the laser pointer. Remove the batteries from the battery compartment. Place the batteries and the battery cap aside for later.

Unscrew the reflector from the front end of the laser pointer with your fingers. Place the reflector aside for later.

Blow off the lens inside of the front end of the laser pointer with a few bursts of compressed air.

Remove the cap from the end of the lens cleaning pen. Apply the tip of the lens cleaning pen to the lens in a gentle swirling motion. Blow off the lens with a burst of compressed air. Replace the cap back onto the end of the lens cleaning pen.

Screw the reflector back onto the front end of the laser pointer.

Place the batteries back into the battery compartment. Screw the battery cap back onto the back end of the laser pointer.


Always check your laser pointer before a presentation. You don't want to get caught with a broken one when you go to use it during a speech.


Never look into the beam from a laser pointer or point the beam at another person or a pet.

Things You'll Need

  • Compressed air
  • Lens cleaning pen
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