How to make a double star out of rubber bands

Updated July 20, 2017

Making shapes with a rubber band is similar, in a way, to old-fashioned string games, like cat's cradle. Both involve a series of complicated twists and weaving of the fingers through loops and lengths of string or rubber band stretched out onto different fingers. Making shapes with a rubber band is challenging, as the band can snap back and exerts pressure on your fingers if you work for an extended amount of time. As with any new skill, make several attempts until you master this rubber band design, making sure to do each step correctly as you build to the final shape.

Hold a rubber band between the thumb and pointer finger of your left hand, facing your palm toward you with the rubber band horizontal. Use the right hand's pointer finger, the nail facing up, to reach under the bottom rang of the rubber band and over the top rang. Pull down to make a triangle with a downward-facing point.

Twist your right pointer finger to the right so that the rubber band just above it makes an "X" over itself. There is a small triangle between the "X" and the right pointer finer. Insert the left hand's pinky up through the bottom of that triangle, replacing the right pointer finger so you hold a triangle with loops at each point held in the left hand's thumb, pointer finger, and pinky.

Put the right pointer finger down into the triangular space between the left thumb and where the rubber band forms an "X." Lift the pointer finger up so the "X" lays on top of the finger as it comes out the other side. Grab the length of rubber band the pointer finger is pointing to, which stretches between the left pointer and pinky, placing the right pointer finger over that length and pulling back through the space where it entered in front of the thumb. You will have an "X" shaped figure with a square in the middle.

Put the right middle finger under the lower length of rubber band stretching from the left pinky and over the right side of the central square. Pull right middle finger down, even with the right pointer. You will have a single star shape.

Free the left thumb and pinky from the structure to create an "Eiffel Tower" shape. Transfer the shape back into the left hand by having the left thumb take the bottom left point away from the right pointer finger and the left pinky take the bottom right point away from the right middle finger.

Put the right pointer and middle fingers together, nails facing down, and insert both into the small central triangle. Bend the tops of those fingers to grab the top side of the small triangle and pull toward yourself. Twist once to the left, turning your right hand over so the palm is down.

Place the right pointer and middle fingers, still holding the rubber band, down into the loops the left thumb and pinky hold, respectively. Your right middle and pointer fingers should be perpendicular to your left palm. Stick you right thumb into the small triangle at the bottom of the structure and pinch the left and right sides of that triangle between your right middle and pointer fingers and thumb. Pull all three fingers out toward you, still gripping with three fingers, letting the rubber band slide off your pointer and middle fingers.

Let go with the right thumb. Spread out your right middle and pointer fingers to display the double star.

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  • Rubber band
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