Duvet Washing Instructions

Duvets are soft comforters typically filled with down, wool or silk. Duvets are expensive and their size and bulkiness making washing them difficult. Duvets usually come with a cover that protects them from stains, dirt and normal wear and tear. You can wash duvet covers with your other bedding. It is recommend to wash the duvet itself once a year. Before washing the duvet, check the manufacture’s washing instructions, printed on the tag.

Set your washing machine to a cool water temperature setting on the gentle cycle. Add a mild laundry soap—one that does not contain bleach.

Make sure all washing powder is removed from the duvet. If needed, run the duvet through a second rinse cycle.

Squeeze out as much water from the duvet as possible. Some washing machine spin cycles do not remove the liquid from the duvet properly. Start at one end and gently squeeze—do not twist—the duvet to extract the excess water. Continue on in this manner while moving down the duvet.

Place the duvet in the dryer. Set the dryer on a low heat or air dry setting and allow it to tumble dry for several hours. It may take eight to 12 hours for the duvet to dry completely. You should remove the duvet from the dryer every few hours and shake it out to redistribute the fill.


If the duvet is not dried completely, mould and mildew could begin to grow on it. Many washing machines and dryers do not have a large enough capacity to wash and dry the duvet. Consider taking the duvet to a laundromat and using a commercial size washing machine and dryer.

Things You'll Need

  • Washing machine
  • Mild washing powder that does not contain bleach
  • Dryer
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