How to Take the Links Out of a Bulova Watch

Updated February 21, 2017

Bulova watches are made with linked mechanisms that can be removed so the size of the bracelet can be adjusted to fit your wrist. Removal of links varies between each model of Bulova watch, so determining what style of watch you have is important if you want to remove links to adjust the size.

Turn your Bulova E-Z link watch over, and locate the links marked "E-Z" near the watch clasp. Lift the link upward at the end displaying the arrow and slide the link off to remove it.

Remove links from a Bulova Caravelle watch with bayonet-style bracelet links and tongue and groove links by turning the watch on its side. Locate the link screw and remove it with an 0.8-mm flathead screwdriver. Turn the screw counterclockwise to remove it. Slide the link away from the main watchband and reconnect the end of the band to the body of the band. Screw the band back together.

Turn your Bulova Accutron watch over, and lay it flat on the table. Gently wedge an 0.8-mm screwdriver into the links, and lift upright. Grip the exposed pin with needle-nose pliers, and draw it out of the link. Pull the links apart, and remove the number of links required to achieve the right fit, and then slide the links back together. Slide the pin into place, and lower the lifted links.

Remove sliding-clip watch links by turning the watch over to expose the back. Lay the watch on a flat surface, and locate the lift tab. Lift the tab, and slide links away from the watch one at a time to achieve the perfect fit.

Things You'll Need

  • 0.8-mm flathead screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
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