How to Care for a North Face Jacket

Updated April 17, 2017

The North Face makes jackets for men, women and children. North Face jackets are primarily made for snow-related activities, such as snow skiing and snowboarding. They are made from a durable and waterproof fabric with sealed seams. The North Face also makes a line of warm, down jackets which are water resistant and seam sealed. The sealed seams keep water from intruding between the seams. Special care should be taken when washing and storing North Face jackets in order to ensure they retain their water-repellent features.

Spray your North Face jacket with a protective coating spray or fabric guard spray such as Techron or Revivex. This will help protect the water proofing of your jacket. This step can be repeated after every third washing to retain the North Face jacket's fabric shield.

Wash your North Face jacket in cold water, inside out. All of the zippers and snaps should be secure. This will help the jacket retain its shape while going through the wash cycle. Only use powder soap in the washing machine. Do not add liquid fabric softener; it can hurt the fabric sealant.

Dry your North Face jacket in the dryer. The heat from the dryer helps to activate the sealing spray, which protects the water-resistant fabric. Do not add a dryer sheet to the machine as this can deteriorate the protective spray and water resistant features of the jacket's fabric.

Store your North Face jacket in a coat cover during the off season. This will help to keep your jacket free from dust, carpet beetles and moths. Coat covers that are made from a thick cotton twill and have a full zipper on the side of the bag offer the best garment protection.

Wash your fleece jacket or pullover in cold water with mild, powder soap. You should turn the jacket inside out prior to washing. North Face fleece jackets should be washed alone since lint from other fabrics can stick to the fleece during the washing cycle.

Hang your North Face fleece jacket to dry. You should use a towel rack rather than a hanger when allowing your fleece jacket to air dry. This will help your North Face fleece jacket retain its original shape.

Store your North Face fleece jacket in a coat cover or dresser drawer during the off season. Fleece can easily pick up lint and dust. It can also attract moths and carpet beetles. A coat cover or drawer will provide the best protection for your fleece jacket.


Wash your North Face jacket inside out with all of the zippers pulled up and the buttons closed. This will help protect your jacket in the washing machine. Always read the washing instructions on your jacket. North Face recommends having down jackets professionally cleaned.


Fleece fabric can clump together after being washed. This is the nature of the fabric and should not be viewed as a flaw. Do not put your fleece jacket in the dryer. The dryer can shrink the fleece and cause the colour to fade.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric guard spray
  • Powder soap
  • Iron
  • Coat cover
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