How to Clean & Condition Snakeskin Boots

Exotic leather boots are a popular and expensive choice for people looking for an unusual style of footwear. Exotic leather boots are made from the hide--or skin--from a variety of animals. Each type of leather boot has its own set of specific care and maintenance instructions. Cleaning and conditioning snakeskin boots in the same manner as other leather boots could result in damage to the snakeskin. Care must be taken to prolong the life of your snakeskin boots.

Remove the surface dirt from the snakeskin boots with a clean, damp cloth. Always wipe in the direction of the scales.

Dust off the snakeskin boots using a soft brush. The soft brush will get into the crevices between the scales that the cloth cannot reach.

Wipe the snakeskin boots once more with a clean, damp cloth. Wipe with the grain of the scales.

Pour an approved reptile skin leather conditioner onto a soft, clean cloth. Rub the conditioner into the boots gently with the cloth. Continue in this manner until several layers of conditioner have been applied to the snakeskin boots.

Add a cream-based, neutral-colour exotic leather polish to a clean, soft cloth. Buff the snakeskin boots in the direction of the scales with the cloth to restore shine. Do not use polish on rattlesnake skin boots.

Apply a few drop of a non-silicone water protector to another clean, soft cloth. Wipe the boots with the cloth. Wipe with the scales, not against them.

Things You'll Need

  • 5 soft cloths
  • Soft brush
  • Reptile skin leather conditioner
  • Cream-based, neutral-colour exotic leather polish
  • Non-silicone water protector
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