How to Clean Faux Leather Skechers Shoes

Updated February 21, 2017

Faux or artificial leather is synthetic material made to look like leather. It is used to make the same items leather is used for, such as shoes, sofas, purses and jackets. However, unlike real leather, leather cleaners and conditioners are not needed. Faux leather easily can be cleaned using liquid dish soap and a soft cloth. Faux leather Skechers shoes should be cleaned as needed to remove spots, stains and dirt.

Mix 1 tbsp liquid dish washing soap in a bowl with 2 cups warm water.

Dip a cloth or rag into the mixture. Rub the cloth in a back and forth motion on the shoes. Rub harder to remove more set in stains and stubborn dirt.

Dip a medium-bristled brush into the mixture. Rub the brush into the soles of the shoes to remove dirt.

Wipe the shoes and sole down with a damp cloth to remove all soap residue.

Use a clean towel to polish and dry the shoes. This will remove any water spots.

If your Skechers are lace ups, remove the shoe laces--don't try to clean them while they are on the shoes.

Fill the sink with a gallon of water as hot as you can stand to touch and add 1 tbsp powdered or liquid washing powder. Place the shoelaces in the water and allow to soak for five minutes. Alternatively, you can throw the shoe laces in with your coloured or white laundry in the washing machine.

Use a sponge or soft-bristled brush to rub spots and stains away. Continue until the shoe laces are clean.

Rinse the shoelaces in cool water to remove any soap residue. Allow the laces to air dry.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 tbsp liquid dish washing soap
  • Bowl
  • Cloth or rag
  • Medium-bristled brush
  • Towel
  • 1 tbsp liquid or 1 tbsp powdered laundry soap
  • Sponge or soft-bristled brush
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