How to Repair the Canvas on a Folding Camper

Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Canvas pop-op campers are lightweight and simple to set up, but are particularly prone to developing tears and holes in the canvas lining. A small tear in a canvas pop-up camper, if not immediately remedied, can lead to a much larger hole that may require you to replace the entire top.

Caution should be taken when patching the canvas, as drawing it too tight around the affected area may lead to puckering or other issues. The canvas used for campers may actually be made of a number of different materials, but this method will work for the majority of canvas campers.

Sweep the entire camper for signs of more holes or tears. Purchase extra canvas from a sporting goods store or buy Tear-Aid or a similar canvas repair product.

Cut the piece of canvas or tear aid to a size just slightly larger than the canvas tear. Sew the canvas onto the tear, taking care to use a keep the area taut, but not stretched. Make two complete passes around the hole.

Follow the instructions included with the Tear-Aid to apply the patch to the canvas surface. Allow the Tear-Aid to set for at least 24 hours before collapsing your camper or exposing it to water.