How to Make a Chicken Out of a Tea Towel

Updated February 21, 2017

Creating whimsical animals with a tea towel is a fun hobby that you can use to entertain your friends. It is also an interesting method of presenting an otherwise purely functional item. You can create various animals with tea towels but the chicken requires fewer steps than most. With just two rolls and one fold you can turn a tea towel into a plucked chicken. If you practice repeatedly, you can increase your speed so that the simple process looks like a magic trick.

Place the tea towel horizontally on a flat surface in front of you.

Roll the left side of the tea towel to the centre and stop. Roll the right side of the tea towel to the centre also.

Fold the rolled tea towel in two. To do this, grab one vertical end of the rolled towel and bring it to the other vertical end. The rolls should be concealed in the fold.

Pick the tea towel up and hold it so that the four rolled ends are facing up. Pull out the four corners of the tea towel. Each roll contains one corner of the towel.

Ensure that the folded tea towel is positioned in such a way that the sides of the fold are facing your left and right side. If not, you will only open the folded towel in the next step.

Hold the two corners on the left side in your left hand and the two corners on the right side in your right hand. Pull the corners out to form a chicken.

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