DIY Beach Cart

Updated February 21, 2017

When you're preparing for a day at the beach, you may find yourself packing up blankets, towels, snacks, coolers, sunscreen, frisbees, beach balls, umbrellas and children's toys. Having to carry all of that can take the fun out of your beach visit. The ideal solution to this problem is to use a beach cart to carry all of your stuff. Purchased in a store, a beach cart can cost hundreds of dollars. But with relatively little effort you can build your own for a fraction of the price.

Set one 24-by-18 piece of MDF on the ground. This will form the base.

Glue the other two 24-by-18 pieces of MDF vertically to the 24-inch sides of the base, forming two sides of the box. They should be glued to the flat surface of the base, not along the sides.

Glue the 17-by-18 MDF squares to the base and sides at the front and back of the box. The 17-inch sides are the top and bottom and should fit between the sides.

Allow the glue to dry overnight.

Hammer in a 2-inch nail every 3 inches along all joints to reinforce them.

Drill a hole in each 4-inch-wide board slightly larger than the diameter of the dowel. It should be centred, 1 inch from the narrow end.

Glue the two boards 5 inches from the back of the box along the 24-inch sides. The tops should be flush with the top of the box, with the holes extending below the base. These are the wheel bases.

Allow the glue to completely dry, then secure each wheel base in place with five 1-inch nails.

Glue the 2-inch boards to the other side of the 24-inch box sides, 5 inches back so that it matches the other boards. The top should be flush with the top. The bottoms will be too long for now; you will trim them later. These are the legs.

Allow the glue to dry and use five 1-inch nails to secure each leg.

Insert the dowel into one of the balloon wheels.

Pass the dowel through the two holes and attach the second balloon wheel to the other end.

Trim the front legs until the cart is level when at rest. The amount you trim off will depend of the size of the balloon wheels that you use.

Drill two holes in the top of the cart's front (the side near the legs) large enough to pass the rope through.

Pass the rope through one of the holes and knot the end to prevent it from pulling through the hole again.

Pass the other end of the rope and tie it off to form a handle.

Things You'll Need

  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF), 24 by 18 inches, 1/2 inch thick (3)
  • MDF, 17 by 18 inches, 1/2-inch thick (2)
  • MDF, 22 by 4 inches, 1/2 inch thick (2)
  • MDF, 30 by 2 inches, 1/2 inch thick (2)
  • Wood glue
  • Finishing nails, 2 inches long (many)
  • Finishing nails, 1 inch long (20)
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Balloon tires (2)
  • Wooden dowel, 24 inches long, with a diameter that matches the axles of the balloon tires
  • Rope, 4 feet long
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