How to Maximize uTorrent Speed

Updated February 21, 2017

BitTorrent clients are programs that allow users to share data using .torrent files. When you open a .torrent file with a BitTorrent client, the client will connect you to other users that have part or all of a certain underlying file such as a video, audio or program file and begin downloading small pieces of the file from other users. uTorrent is popular a BitTorrent client program. Download speed when using uTorrent will depend on your Internet connection speed as well as your networking and uTorrent settings.

Fully update uTorrent. Open uTorrent, click "Help," click "Check for Updates" and choose to install any updates that are discovered. uTorrent may automatically prompt you to install updates when you first launch the program.

Run the uTorrent set-up guide. Click "Options," click "Setup Guide," make sure the "Bandwidth" box is checked, choose a location from the drop-down list next to "Bandwidth" that is close to your physical location and then click "Run Tests." Note the values listed for your download speed and upload speed in the test results.

Configure uTorrent to go through Windows Firewall. Click "Options," "Preferences," "Connection," check the box next to "Add Windows Firewall Exception" and click "Apply."

Change your bandwidth settings in uTorrent. Click "Options," Preferences," "Bandwidth," change the value for "Maximum Global Download Rate," to zero (unlimited) and then change the value listed as "Maximum upload rate" to 80% of the upload speed you found after running the speed test.

Use torrent files with as many other users as possible. When you download a torrent file, the website that you download it from will likely list the number of seeds and peers that are currently sharing the file. Always try to download torrents with more seeds and peers to increase download speed.


Limiting your upload speed too much can slow down your download speed, while setting it too close to 100% can also negatively impact download speed. You may find that values sightly higher or lower than 80% for maximum upload speed work best for you. If the users sharing a particular file have low upload speeds or if your Internet service itself is slow (if you are using a 56k modem, for instance), your download speed may be slow regardless of your uTorrent settings.


Downloading copyrighted data using BitTorrent clients like uTorrent may be illegal.

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