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How to Increase Download Speed in Bitlord

Updated April 17, 2017

The computer has become the heart of our entertainment centre. We download everything from music and cookbooks to TV shows, movies and plays. Bitlord is one of the many popular download sites on the Internet. Since several users are downloading from the site, we sometimes encounter slow downloading speed. You can adjust your settings so you'll be able to download files from Bitloard in much less time.

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  1. Turn on your computer and open Bitlord.

  2. Go to the "Preference Settings" and click it to open. Click "Connections" and look for "Global Max Download Rate." It should read, "No Limit" in the box; if it reads something else change it to "No Limit."

  3. Look under Global Max Download Rate. It will read, Global Max Upload Rate. In the box next to this line it should read "3." If it reads anything else, change it to "3." Below there is a box that reads, "Max Simultaneous Download Tasks." Make sure the number 10 is in that box. If not change it to 10.

  4. Look at the box that reads, "Automatically Start New Task If Download Rate is Below..." The setting should be set to "No Limit." If not, then change it to "No Limit."

  5. Look under the "No Limit" box and you will see "Listen Port." Set the port for a random number. The computer should pick an allowable port for you. Once you have your port, click "OK."

  6. Go to "Advanced" setting and then click on "Connections." A new window will open and you will see the options "Enables NAT," "Enable UPnP" and "Remove Port on NAT." Click on the boxes beside these options to check them.

  7. Review your settings. It should read:

  8. Maximum Connections per task: 1000

  9. Connections to keep per task: 350

  10. Global Maximum: 10

  11. Global Minimum: 3

  12. Socket Send Buffer: Auto

  13. Socket Start Intervals: 300

  14. Max half-open: 50

  15. Use NAT Traversal via UDP: Auto Detect

  16. If one or more of your settings is different, change them to the settings indicated. Click "OK" when you are done.

  17. Tip

    Remove torrents after seeding for a fair amount of time. The fewer torrents you have active, the faster your speed will be, but be polite and always seed back.

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