How to Clean a Transfer Roller

Written by kallie johnson | 13/05/2017
How to Clean a Transfer Roller
Laser printers and copy machines use a transfer roller to apply text or design to paper. (business woman image by Mat Hayward from

A transfer roller is used in laserjet printers and copy machines to transfer colour and black ink onto paper. The transfer roller should be routinely cleaned to remove dust and build-up that can cause printing imperfections. However, do not use water or chemicals for cleaning; they can cause the ink to become watered down or discoloured.

Locate the transfer roller. The location depends on the manufacturer and model of printer or copier. If you're unsure, consult the user's manual.

Lightly wipe down the roller with a dry, lint-free cloth. Do not apply pressure, as the ink will saturate the rag. Don't use your fingers to touch or move the roller since your fingers contain oil which can cause imperfections on the roller.

Gently roll or turn the roller with the cloth. Continue to wipe and turn the roller until the entire surface is free of dirt, dust and build-up.

Things you need

  • Lint-free cloth

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