How to make a ribbon bulletin board

Ribbon notice boards, sometimes called memo boards, are simple to fashion and look nicer than plain cork board notice boards. Instead of unattractive pushpins, ribbon notice boards utilise tension to hold papers or photos in place. Design ribbon notice boards to suit your specific colour palette or size limitations. Ribbon memo boards are appropriate in both a home or office setting.

Cut the desired fabric to about 1 inch taller and wider than the selected cork notice board.

Place the fabric wrong-side up and centre the notice board cork-side down. Bring one side of the fabric up and over, and staple the fabric to the notice board in the centre of the overhanging fabric.

Tightly pull the opposite side of the fabric up and over, and staple it to the notice board.

Move onto the next side of the notice board, pull the fabric up and over, and staple it to the notice board, repeating for the fourth side.

Secure the fabric to the notice board with more staples; take care not to wrinkle or bunch the fabric while stapling.

Flip the fabric-covered notice board over and inspect your work; restaple as necessary.

Place the board fabric-side up and drape the ribbon sections over and across the board at about a 45 degree angle, until you have your desired pattern. Drape the ribbon sections from the other direction until you have a diamond type of pattern.

Secure the straight pins into the ribbon near the bottom edge of the board. Flip the board over and staple the ribbon edges to the board. Flip the board over again, and check your work.

Press the furniture tacks into the places where the ribbons intersect, and inspect your completed ribbon memo board.


Experiment with ribbons of varying colours or sizes until you reach the pattern you are most pleased with.


Avoid damaging the ribbons by tacking the ribbons with pins only when you are pleased with the positioning.

Things You'll Need

  • Cork notice board
  • Fabric
  • Staple gun
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Furniture tacks
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