How to Convert PDF to JPEG Using Freeware

Updated February 21, 2017

PDF files are documents that contain text, images and other formatting and data. JPEG files are image files. If a JPEG appears to contain text, it is actually an image of the text, rather than text you can copy and paste. When you convert a PDF to a JPEG, the document file becomes an image file. You have the option of converting PDF document files into JPEG image files using a variety of free applications.

Use Office Convert PDF to JPG JPEG TIFF to convert your PDF files to JPEGs on a Windows-based PC. This free application converts PDF files to the most popular image formats. You have the option of choosing specific portions of a PDF, or converting the entire document.

Convert a PDF to a JPEG free online using the Convert PDF File to Image website. After you upload your PDF to the website, you can download the converted version of the file. This web-based option will work with any operating system.

Use Preview, an application included in the Mac OS X operating system, to convert a PDF to a JPEG. Mac users view PDFs and images in Preview. Preview’s “Save As” feature allows you to convert between a variety of file formats, including converting a PDF to a JPEG.

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