How to Use a Manual Credit Card Machine

Updated March 23, 2017

A manual credit card machine uses multilayer purchase slips to record credit card information. The raised characters on the credit card make a carbon copy impression of the card when the roller slides across the machine. While modern technology may make these machines appear obsolete, they actually are an essential part of any business that accepts credit card payments. Having a manual credit card machine on hand ensures that your business will receive payment in the event of a power outage or problem with an automated regular credit card machine.

Look at the purchase slip to determine where the card imprint should go. There is a special blank space for the card imprint, and if you place the card anywhere else, you won't be able to read the information.

Place the credit card face up on the machine. The raised numbers should be showing or else the information won't transfer to the purchase slip.

Lay the purchase slip on top of the credit card. Line up the slip with the card to make sure that the information is copied in the right place.

Hold on to the base of the machine, slide the roller across the purchase slip and then bring it back to its original position. Check the slip to make sure that all of the card information was transferred. If any of the information is too light, slide the roller over the card again.

Enter the purchase information on the top sheet of the purchase slip. Use a ballpoint pen and press down firmly to make sure the information is transferred to the bottom sheet. Write down the total purchase price and ask the buyer sign the slip.

Tear the top sheet of the purchase slip off and give it to the customer. Save the bottom copy for your accounting department.

Things You'll Need

  • Carbon copy purchase slips
  • Ballpoint pen
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