Polaroid LCD TV problems

BlueJames/iStock/Getty Images

LCD TVs can be entertaining, but it's important to know the downfalls of some models. Polaroid LCD TVs have several very serious functionality and safety issues including loss of picture and sound, and even risk of fire.

Sound problems

The sound quality with Polaroid's LCD TVs is not great, and in some cases manufacturing problems lead to complete loss of sound. LCD TVs' built-in speakers tend to not be great, but Polaroid models have received a notably high volume of consumer complaints in regard to sound issues.

Fire hazard

More alarming is the potential fire hazard associated with some Polaroid models. The TDA-03211C model has had numerous issues with overheating. Many such models manufactured between 2007 and 2009 actually have false safety standard logos and questionable parts and construction. There have been reports of smoke coming from these TVs, and at least one report of a TDA-03211C catching fire.

Picture loss

The most common consumer complaint about Polaroid LCDs, especially the TDA-03211C, is related to picture loss. Often, the picture loss is tied to other problems. Several reports refer to a loud noise, followed by complete loss of picture and sound. Some models have problems with banding and a black screen with sound but no picture.