How to make a treasure map for kids

Updated February 21, 2017

It's a simple process to make a treasure map for your child's pirate-themed party or just for a fun activity. Make up the landmarks for the map or draw your house, yard or neighbourhood. If you choose to make a treasure map out of your house or yard, send the kids on an actual treasure hunt. Hide a treasure box or bags full of candy or toys for the kids to find at the end of the hunt.

Draw the map on a piece of white paper. Include directions and label landmarks.

Tear the edges of the paper. In some areas, tear out pieces of paper completely, but make sure they do not have anything important on them.

Soak a tea bag and rub it against the paper, front and back. Keep rubbing the paper until it turns brown and is completely wet.

Wad up the paper into a tight ball and let it dry for several hours.

Unfold the map carefully, making sure to not tear it. Rub cooking oil over both sides of the map, then blot the paper with paper towels

Things You'll Need

  • White paper
  • Tea bag
  • Cooking oil
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