How to Find People Who Have Died

Updated April 17, 2017

Locating someone who has passed away may be necessary for a number of reasons. Perhaps you would like to pay your last respects, or there may be legal or financial ends to tie up. There are several ways to find information on the internet or in person about the deceased.

Compile all the information you have about the person you wish to locate. Name, date of birth, maiden name if applicable and most recent address can all help improve the results of your search.

Visit the Social Security Death Index website (see the "References" section). Entering basic information can produce quick results, and will allow you to see if there is a death certificate on file for the person in question.

Search the public records for the state and city where the person most recently lived. Often public records offices will have websites you can visit, and will provide contact information.

Contact the Town Hall or Clerk of Court for the city and state where the person most recently lived. Each state may process death records differently; representatives at these offices can point you in the best direction to continue your search.

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