How to remove security ink tags with magnets

Updated April 17, 2017

Working in the retail industry can be tough, especially when you are busy. One of the keys to keeping customers happy and business flowing smoothly through the store is being able to quickly and efficiently remove security tags from purchases. By far, the hardest tags to remove are the ink security tags that must be removed with a magnet.

Isolate the tag on the garment. The security ink tag is often located in a difficult spot, like the underarm of a shirt. Isolate both sides of the tag, so that there is nothing covering either side of the security tag.

Tap the pin side of the security tag onto the magnetised tag remover, and hold it against the magnet.

Pull the ink side of the security tag away from the magnet, while continuing to hold the pin side against the magnet.

Dispose of the ink end of the security tag in your company's allotted area.

Pull the remaining pin side of the tag out of the garment and dispose of it in your company's allotted area.


When you are first learning how to take these tags off, you may have to tap the tag against the magnetised strip two or three times before it works. Once you have been doing it for awhile, you will get a feel for the correct amount of force and pressure to exert to remove the tags.


If you tap the tag against the magnet and the ink tag will not budge, do not try to force it off. This can break the ink tag and result in damaged goods.

Things You'll Need

  • Security ink tag
  • Magnetised tag remover
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