Alien Crafts for Children

Updated February 21, 2017

Aliens may not exist, but that doesn't mean children can't have fun making spaceship and alien themed crafts. Alien crafts are great to make on a rainy day, at a UFO themed birthday party or whenever a child comes to you complaining that he is bored. Keep a drawer or cabinet full of craft supplies so that you'll be ready whenever the mood to make crafts strikes.

Alien and UFO Clay Models

Make alien forms and UFOs out of clay. You can use modelling clay or play dough if you want to make temporary models or an air drying or oven bake clay if you want to make permanent aliens. If you plan on making aliens and UFOs to keep, shape pieces of aluminium foil into the shape of an alien or spaceship and then cover the foil with clay. The foil provides a support structure that will prevent the model from collapsing.

Alien Masks

Help a child dress up for Halloween or another costumed event by making an alien mask. Draw the shape of an alien head onto a piece of poster board and cut it out. Poke two holes on the sides of the mask and thread a piece of elastic string through. Place the mask on the child's head and adjust the string so that it fits snugly. Cut the string to fit and tie a knot in both ends to secure. Cut out two holes for eyes. Help the child decorate the mask so that it looks like a creepy alien. You can glue extra googly eyes to the face, coat it in sparkling glitter or attach pipe cleaners to the top for antenna. Mask making is also a fun party project. Have guests make the masks first, then wear them throughout the party.

Cardboard Aliens

Save empty cereal, cracker or instant pudding boxes to make shiny, adorable aliens. Coat the boxes with a layer of white glue and cover completely with aluminium foil or tissue paper. Have children decorate the alien boxes as they wish. They can glue pairs of eyes to the front, colour the tissue paper with markers or paint and attach sequins or glitter. Poke small holes in the top, sides and bottom of the boxes and stick pipe cleaners or craft sticks into the holes for the aliens' limbs and antennae.

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