How to Reset Lexmark Printer Ink Cartridges

Updated February 21, 2017

Lexmark is a well-known manufacturer of printers, print cartridges and various other computer devices. Resetting a Lexmark ink cartridge is necessary only when an old cartridge has been manually refilled. In these cases, the printer registers the cartridge as empty, when in fact it is full. To reset the cartridge, you can simply perform a basic function on the printer that utilises the cartridge. You can easily carry out this process on the Lexmark printer.

Insert the Lexmark cartridge into the printer.

Hold the "Select" and "Return" keys simultaneously on the printer, then press the power button.

Press the right arrow button on the printer until it displays "Maintenance Page Count."

Press the "Select" button twice. The printer will reset the levels for the cartridges inside. Press the "Return" button twice to exit the configuration menu and continue regular printing.

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