How to Set LED Light on Dell M1730

Updated March 23, 2017

Dell's XPS M1730 laptop is made specifically for computer gaming, and features several external LEDs designed both to communicate system information useful to gamers and to look cool. The intensity and colour of these LEDs can be changed using Dell's built-in Quickset utility, through the system BIOS, or even through keyboard shortcuts.

Access Dell's Quickset utility by clicking "Start" and entering "QuickSet" into the Search box. Click one of the Quickset links that appear. If no links appear, check the "Tips" section for information on how to reinstall Quickset.

Select "System" from the left pane, then "Gaming Options" from the right.

Adjust your LEDs using the various controls in the window that appears.

Change your computer's keyboard light settings quickly by holding "Fn" and pressing the right arrow key. This cycles the keyboard light through three settings: Always On, Always Off, and Auto Mode, in which the light will turn on and off automatically depending on ambient light conditions.

Change LED settings without Quickset through your computer's BIOS. Reboot your computer and press F2 when the Dell logo appears to access the set-up utility.

The precise location of LED settings within set-up may vary depending on your BIOS version. Always be careful when modifying BIOS settings.


If you no longer have Quickset installed on your system, download the two executable files from the "Resources" section below and run them in the order provided, following the on-screen directions. Then run Quickset normally and access the LED settings. Good luck!

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