How to Unlock OSD on a ViewSonic Monitor Images

ViewSonic monitors are available in a range of sizes and specifications, but they all include the OSD (Onscreen Display) lock function. This feature locks the buttons on the front of the monitor so that the monitor's settings cannot be changed.

Although it is a useful feature to preserve ideal settings, the OSD lock function makes adjusting brightness or contrast for different usage requirements a longer process that it needs to be. Fortunately, unlocking OSD on a ViewSonic monitor is a straightforward process that only requires a few minutes to complete.

Press any button on the front of your ViewSonic monitor. If the monitor's control panel pops up instead of the "OSD locked" message, performing the unlock process will actually lock the monitor. If the "OSD locked" message pops up, you have to perform the unlock process.

Press and hold down the button labelled "1" as well as the "down" arrow. After 10 seconds, release both buttons simultaneously. This should unlock the OSD, which gives you full access to the monitor's control panel. If the OSD is still locked, proceed to step three.

Press and hold down both the button labelled "1" and the "up" arrow (instead of the "down" arrow.) After 10 seconds, release both buttons simultaneously to unlock the OSD.