How to Wear a Suit Jacket With Jeans

Updated February 21, 2017

Ask any fashionista about wearing a suit jacket wish jeans, and you're sure to get a mixed response. Some say that suit jacket and jeans is totally off-limits, others insist that it is totally in vogue. To pull off the look successfully, find the right balance of formal and casual. The most important part is to make the jeans look right. Fashion designer Tom Ford wears this look regularly. British actor Daniel Craig has been seen out and about sporting it, as has supermodel Giselle Bunchen.

Choose a suit jacket that is not too formal. Double-breasted, satin-detailed suit jackets will not work with jeans, because they look too formal. Casual twill, tweed and linen suit jackets work best with jeans.

Choose the jeans to match the suit jacket. If it is a black jacket, then dark jeans; if it is a grey or camel jacket, go for light blue jeans. Avoid white, stonewashed, ripped or detailed jeans, as this won't blend with the suit jacket look.

Pick the accessories. For ladies, try a white tee, colourful neck scarf and boots that match the colour of the jacket. A white tee also works well for men. If you wear a button-down shirt, keep it casual by leaving the first couple of buttons undone. If you wear a tie, it should be loosely tied, and thin. To finish the look, wear either boots or casual sneakers (not athletic shoes). Dress shoes or sandals clash with a suit jacket-and-jeans look.

Find the balance between formal and casual---if you dress on the top like you are wearing a suit---pressed shirt, full tie, tie pin etc. the jeans will look totally out of place. Successful wearers of the look, like Tom Ford, appear slightly dishevelled, as though the suit jacket and tie were the afterthoughts, not the jeans.

Things You'll Need

  • Suit jacket
  • Jeans
  • Accessories
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