How to Set the Time on a Rolex Submariner

Written by meredith jameson | 13/05/2017
How to Set the Time on a Rolex Submariner
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The Rolex Submariner was introduced in 1954 and offers water resistance for swimming and diving. The spy character James Bond has worn a Rolex Submariner in several “007” movies. Rolex Submariner watches typically cost between £3,542 and £17,712 and should only be purchased at authorised Rolex retailers to ensure product authenticity. A few steps are required to set the time on a Rolex Submariner watch.

Wind the crown on the right-hand side of the watch clockwise until it clicks and pops open.

Turn the crown in a clockwise motion approximately 30 times to engage the gears.

Pull the crown out fully until you hear a click. Turn the crown clockwise until the correct time is reached.

Gently push the crown back in to the side of the watch until you hear one click. The crown will still be pulled out from the side of the watch.

Wind the crown clockwise another 20 turns to fully set the watch. Push the crown back in until flush against the side of the watch.

Things you need

  • Rolex Submariner watch

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