How to Set the Time on a Casio Illuminator Watch

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Casio Illuminator watches tell you the time regardless of how dark it is with a backlight that can be automatically or manually illuminated. When you receive your watch, you might have questions about how to set the time and work the backlight. You'll want to have your watch properly set and ready to use before strapping it to your wrist and relying on it throughout the day. Following some steps and performing your own device set-up will have your watch working effectively in little time with little fuss.

Hold down upper push button "A" (located on the left side of the watch) until the numbers in the seconds field begin to flash, letting you know you're in time-setting mode. Push the lower push button "C" (located on the right edge of the watch) to reset the flashing seconds to "00." When the lower button "B" (located on the left side of the watch) is pushed, different time fields appear in this order: "Seconds," "DST (Daylight Savings Time)," "Hour," "Minutes," "Day," "Month," "Year" and "12/24."

Push button "B" to highlight "DST" (or Summer Time). If you need to adjust for Daylight Savings Time, push the "C" button to switch it on or off. Activating DST will advance the time one hour. The DST setting is represented by a "1" beside the date and a "DST" symbol above the time on the display.

Push button "B" to highlight "Hour," "Minutes," "Day," "Month," or "Year" and use the "C" button to increase each one. Hold the "C" button down to move through increments quickly. When you highlight "12/24 (12 hour and 24 hour)" push the "C" button to switch between the two. Push the "A" button to save your settings.

Pull out the crown knob (located between the two buttons on the right side of the watch) to stop the second hand right when it reaches 12 o'clock to begin setting the hands. Turn the crown knob to set the hands to the correct time. When the seconds on the digital display turn to "00," push the crown knob in.

Hold the "C" button down for two whole seconds to turn on the automatic light. The automatic backlight illuminates for two seconds when you hold the watch level with the ground and tilt the face at a 40 degree angle. Hold the "C" button for two more seconds to turn the automatic backlight function off. Push the lower push button "C" to illuminate the display for two seconds.

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