How to Change the Date on a Timex Watch

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Changing the date on a Timex watch is a simple procedure on both analogue and digital models. Timex watches are perhaps the most basic timepieces on the market and are known for their durability and lack of pretence. Even Timex’s multifunctional watches can be operated with the pull of the crown or the push of a button. All Timex manuals can be found online.

Pull the crown of the analogue/date Timex watch and rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise until you see the date advance in the display window at about 1am.

Use the quick date set method by rotating the crown counterclockwise after reaching 1am until the hands reach 7:30 p.m. Then again rotate the crown clockwise back to 1am. Repeat the procedure until the correct date is displayed. The quick date function is featured on most Timex watches, but some early vintage models may not have it.

Adjust the date forward or backward 12 hours if your Timex watch changes the date at the noon hour.

Press the mode button at 8 o’clock on the case edge on the Timex Aviator, Ironman and Zulu Combo digital models. The month will flash in the display window.

Press the start/split button located at 4 o’clock on round dials or the lower right on square watch faces. The start/split button advances the month. Press the mode button to exit.

Repeat Step 1 to set the day of the week and date. Continue pressing the 4 o'clock button until the day appears. Press the mode button once to exit. Repeat the step for the date and then press again the mode button to exit.

Press the mode button at 8 o’clock on analogue/digital models to display the date in the digital window.

Press the 2 o’clock button to advance the date until the correct date is found.

Hold down the mode button while the digital display is flashing to clear the month, date or day to start over again if you make a mistake.

Set the time of the perpetual calendar watch by pulling the crown all the way out and rotating it until the proper time is set. The day and date will automatically set correctly.

Reset the time if you accidentally pull the crown to the second stop and rotate it to the wrong date. The correct date also will be reset.

Push the crown flush against the case edge. The time and date are corrected and the watch is ready to wear.

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