How to Adjust a Pulsar Watch

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Pulsar is a division of the Seiko Watch Corporation of America, which is itself part of the Japanese Seiko Holdings Corporation. Some of the company's mainly analogue watches feature a date and day-of-the-week counter where the number 3 is located on the clock face.

Your Pulsar watch won't be showing the right time or date when you first unwrap it from the packaging, it must be adjusted, before you can start using it to keep track of time and the date.

Turn the dial on the side of your Pulsar watch counterclockwise, until it feels loose. Gently lift the dial up, until it clicks once.

Turn the dial clockwise, until the date shows in the window.

Turn the dial in the opposite direction, until the day before today appears in the Day window. Skip this step, if your watch doesn't have a Day window.

Pull the crown out until it clicks again. Turn the dial until the correct date and day-of-the-week appear.

Push the crown back down and turn it clockwise until tight. .

Turn the crown dial counterclockwise, until it feels loose and pull it out as far as it will go. Set the date first, if your Pulsar watch has a date display of any kind.

Turn the crown until the hour and minute hands show the correct time.

Push the crown back down and turn it clockwise until tight.