How to Make a Free Printable School Banner

Updated July 19, 2017

Whether you want to create a banner for an assigned project, a pep rally or to promote an upcoming dance, you can show your school spirit by designing a custom banner on your home computer. Though you will need tape and computer paper to make your banner, you do not have to purchase any external software to create your design. Microsoft Word provides banner templates to help you get started. After selecting a template, you can personalise your banner by adding text and digital images to your layout.

Go to "Start" and click on "All Programs." Highlight "Microsoft Office" and select "Microsoft Office Word."

Click on the Microsoft Office button and select "New." The "New Document" dialogue box will appear on the screen. Type "banner" in the search box and click on the "Start Searching" button.

Scroll through the list of available banner templates and select your favourite design. Microsoft Word does not offer a school banner, but you can select one of the holiday or celebration banners and customise it to fit your needs. After selecting your preferred design, the template will open in a separate window.

Edit the existing text by placing your mouse on top of one of the letters in the template text and clicking on it. Delete the existing text and type your new message. You will notice that your text will be spread across multiple word documents.

Experiment with different font colours, styles and sizes for your text by using the options in the "Font" toolbar.

Add photographs to personalise your banner. To add a digital image from your computer, click on the "Insert" toolbar tab, click on the "Picture" button and select your preferred photograph. After the image is inserted in your template, you can resize and position it by clicking and dragging the small dots on the corners and edges of the selected image.

Click on the "Clip Art" toolbar button if you want to add clip-art graphics to your banner. You can search for school-themed graphics by typing "school" in the "Clip Art" search box. Double-click on your favourite clip-art image to insert the graphic in your school banner.

Click on the "Page Layout" tab and click on the "Page Color" button if you would like to add a background colour to your banner. You can preview different background colours by placing your mouse on top of one of the available colours. Each time you select a new colour, the background colour in your custom template will change automatically.

Click on the Microsoft Office button, highlight the "Print" option and select "Print Preview." To see a preview of your entire banner, click on the "Zoom" button, check the box next to "Many pages" and click "OK."

Save your new banner when you're satisfied with your overall design. To save the file to your computer, click on the Microsoft Office button, choose the "Save As" option, type a name for your banner and click "Save."

Click on the Microsoft Office button, highlight the "Print" option and select "Print."

Lay the printed sheets facedown on a clean, flat surface. Make sure the pages are in the correct order. Use tape to attach each the sheets together.

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