How to Remove a Radio From an 03 Reg Ford Fiesta

Updated February 21, 2017

The Ford Fiesta was one of Ford's "world cars," which ironically enough, has been in and out of the US market, which is Ford's home. This car is hugely popular in Europe, where its compact size and great fuel economy make it a perfect fit for the roads. The stock stereo in a 2003 Ford Fiesta though, wasn't particularly spectacular. It takes less than 10 minutes to remove it in order to replace it with an aftermarket model.

Locate the holes on the sides of the radio. Place one of the radio removal tools in your left hand and put it into the two holes on the left side of the radio. Push it firmly in place and stop when you hear the tool click into the radio. Repeat this process for the right side of the radio.

Hold one radio removal tool in each hand. Pull the handles on the tools toward the hatch on the car while also pulling them outward away from the middle of the stereo. Pull until the stereo breaks free of the dashboard.

Slide the deck out by the face until it's completely away from the dash. Reach to the back and remove the electrical connection to the deck, as well as the antenna lead.

Things You'll Need

  • Ford radio removal tools
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