How to Save Mobile Contacts

Updated March 23, 2017

Just the thought of losing access to all of your mobile contacts can be dreadful. With the evolution of mobile phones, many people are choosing to save everything to their devices, not keeping a written copy elsewhere. Luckily for users, there are ways that you can save your mobile contacts online or on your phone's SIM card easily.

Power off your mobile phone and insert a SIM card into the SIM card slot into the back of your device, usually under the battery.

Power back on your device and navigate to the "Address Book" or "Contacts" menu.

Press the "Menu" button and select the option "Copy to SIM card" or "Move to SIM card."

Select all the mobile contacts that you want to save to your phone's SIM card.

Press the "Menu" key and select "Save." In addition, you may need to press the soft key that corresponds to "Save" on your phone, depending on your model.

Access the Internet and visit,, or

Click the tab that allows you to register your mobile phone. Create an account and follow the prompts to download the software onto your phone, if applicable.

Open the application on your phone or online and click the tab to add contacts to your account.

Select all contacts that you want to save to your online account, together or one at a time, and click "Save."

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