How to Check Home Voicemail

Updated April 17, 2017

Voicemail is a bare essential these days, without which it can get difficult to get in touch with people around. Most people spend a major part of the day outside the home. During those hours, if you want to contact them and have no other contact number besides the landline, you have no option but to leave voicemail so they retrieve it later. If you have set up your voicemail but you're not sure how to check your messages on it, there's an easy way to find it out. However, each carrier has a different way of accessing voicemail.

Contact your network carrier and ask for the specific code you are required to dial for accessing voicemail. For instance, AT&T and Qwest's residential phones use the code "_98" while Vonage telephones use "_123." If you're not dialling from your own home, dial the access number specified.

Dial your home phone number starting with the area code.

Press "#."

Enter your voicemail password that you specified during set-up. Your first new message will then start playing automatically. After it finishes, you can choose to delete, replay or save it.

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