How to Lace Vans: Step-by-Step

Updated February 21, 2017

Vans are sneakers that were first popularised by skateboarders but have now become trendy for all kinds of people. The shoes are characterised by a casual style and a unique way of being laced that finishes the look. While most sneakers are laced from the underneath and out, the Vans look is created by lacing over the top of shoe in a criss-cross pattern. The laces will stand out and create a signature look.

Lay your sneakers on a flat surface pointing toward you. Point the lace toward the inside of the shoe and thread it through the bottom eyelet, closest to the tip of the shoe. Pull approximately half of the lace through.

Take the other end of the lace and thread it through the corresponding eyelet on the other side of the shoe, pointing toward the inside of the shoe.

Pull the lace taut and make sure that the same amount of lace sticks out on either side. Adjust as necessary to ensure that the final result will be even.

Take one end of the lace to the nearest eyelet on the opposite side of the shoe, then push it through the eyelet from the top of the shoe, pointing toward the inside.

Thread the shoe from right to left, lacing over the top of the shoe instead of under, creating a criss-cross pattern with the laces.

Tie your laces into a bow. If they are too long, double tie them.


The truly stylish sometimes tuck the bow under the tongue to conceal it. You can also loosen them just a bit for ease when putting the shoes on and taking them off.


If you are feeling daring and want to go for that skater look, leave the ends of the laces loose and untied, but be careful not to trip.

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