How to arrange balloon decorations

Updated April 17, 2017

"There is nothing quite like a balloon arrangement to create a festive atmosphere for any event," states Leo Bary, internationally known balloon artist with Balloons To You, Carrollton, Texas. "Whether it is a simple centrepiece for a table or a tall spiral column, balloon arrangements add a sense of fun and excitement to a room." But it does not take a balloon professional to create great decorations. With a little practice and a handful of supplies almost anyone can learn to arrange balloons into centrepieces, clusters and columns.

To make bouquets, cut 9 to 12 pieces of ribbon 5 or 6 feet in length. Inflate 9 to 12 balloons with helium and attach each to a ribbon. Gather the ribbons into one hand so that the balloons create a cluster. Use your other hand to pull balloons by their ribbons until the balloons float at several different levels to create a pleasing bouquet shape. Tie a knot in the ribbons 12 to 18 inches below the bouquet. Using one or two of the trailing ribbons, tie the bouquet to a 284gr. decorated balloon weight at the desired height, 2 1/2 to 3 feet off the base for a table centrepiece, 4 to 5 feet for a floor display. Fluff or curl remaining ribbons.

To arrange an arch, tie one end of the monofilament line to a chair or hand to an assistant. Inflate a balloon and tie to the line 8 inches from the end. Tie another balloon approximately 8 inches below the first. Continue to add balloons until you have enough to make the desired size arch. Cut the line 8 inches from the last balloon. Attach both ends to a 0.454kg. decorated weight and put in the desired location.

For a balloon stacked column, tie a balloon onto monofilament line. Knot the line so the balloon cannot slip off. Add 4 balloons tied individually on the line. Press them into place against the bottom of the first balloon, 2 at a time until the 4 lock together so they resemble a four-leaf clover. Slide the balloons together so that the first balloon sticks upright, perpendicular to the other 4. Add 4 more balloons in groups of 2 and slide them up to nestle under the first 4 locking the second group of 4 below the gaps between the first 4. Continue adding balloons in groups of 2 until desired height is achieved. Tie monofilament line around the last balloon. Cut the line 18 inches from the end balloon. Use the end of the line to tie the balloon stack tightly to a 0.907kg. weight. Place as desired.


For an additional fun touch, top off the arrangements with a Mylar balloon, a shaped balloon or an oversized balloon.


Monofilament line can cause cuts. Use caution and do not allow the line to slide through your fingers.

Things You'll Need

  • Latex balloons
  • Helium tank with latex balloon regulator
  • Spool of curling ribbon
  • Spool of monofilament (fishing) line
  • Scissors
  • 284gr. decorated balloon centrepiece weight
  • 0.454kg. decorated balloon cluster weight
  • 0.907kg. sandbag
  • Assistant or chair (optional)
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