How to Connect an SCART Cable to a Monitor

Written by james clark | 13/05/2017
How to Connect an SCART Cable to a Monitor
SCART connector plug. (scart image by serge simo from

A SCART cable is equipped with a 21-pin connector for hooking up audio-video devices. It is a common component connection method in Europe with a flat ribbon cable available in varying lengths. On computer monitors equipped with a SCART port, it is only necessary to line up the SCART plug on the cable end with the port to complete the connection. Monitors equipped with other types of video inputs, such as S-video, will need an adaptor.

Turn off the monitor and the source component, such as a computer.

Line up the pins in the plug on the end of the SCART cable with the SCART port on a monitor and push straight into the port. If the monitor does not have a SCART input, connect the plug to the SCART port on one end of the adaptor cable.

Plug in the S-video connector on the other end of the adaptor cable into the round S-video socket on the back of the monitor.

Things you need

  • SCART to S-video adaptor

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