How to Make Your Own Printable Crossword Puzzles for Free

Updated February 21, 2017

Crossword puzzles are a fun pastime for people of all generations. Parents and teachers can use crossword puzzles as a teaching aid and fun activity for students. Companies can make money by creating collections of puzzles or putting crosswords on websites to attract puzzle lovers. Internet users may select from many puzzle-making online services that allow people to make their own crossword puzzles for free. The services allow users to make an unlimited number of printable crossword puzzles.

Access the Tools for Educators free crossword generator (see References 1). This puzzle maker allows you to create printable crossword puzzles using all of your own word answers and clues.

Type in the answers and crossword clues in the boxes. Choose the font for the words and clues at the bottom of the tool. You may also check the option to make a word-search puzzle with the puzzle answers. You will see the word-search puzzle on the same page as the crossword puzzle if you choose to make one.

Click the "Get Crossword" button to make a puzzle. The crossword puzzle appears on the next page along with the word-search puzzle if you chose to make one. Left click on the "File" option in your browser and click the "Print" option to print puzzles. You can also print out an answer key from the same web page.

Access the Puzzlemaker main page at the Discovery Education website (see References 2). Click on the "Criss-Cross" link to open the free crossword puzzle maker.

Enter the basic information and the word answers and clues. Make sure that you enter the word answers first on each line followed by a space and the clue. Hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard after each word and clue. Print out the page before making your puzzle. The puzzle does not contain an answer key, so you should print a copy of all the clues and answers.

Click the "Create My Puzzle" button. The completed puzzle shows up on its own web page. Print out the puzzle.

Open the Crossword Puzzle Games puzzle-maker page (see References 3). This tool makes printable crossword puzzles of up to 20 words and clues.

Enter your word answers and clues in the boxes. Print out the page as an answer key before making the puzzle.

Click the "Create My Crossword Puzzle" button. The free crossword puzzle will appear on the next page. You can print the puzzle from that page.


Tools for Educators has an additional puzzle maker that contains picture clues (see Resources). Click on one of the puzzle subjects and select images from the drop-down menus. You may also add a text clue just like the traditional puzzle. These image crossword puzzles work best for young students who are learning basic vocabulary and spelling.


You may need to try a new or different browser if you have trouble making a puzzle. Use the newest versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers to create puzzles for all of these programs.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Printer
  • Word lists
  • Clue lists
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