How to Create Balloon Arches

Updated February 21, 2017

A balloon arch is a great way to cheaply and quickly decorate a party or special event. It can be used to frame a doorway or to stand outside to mark an event or fundraiser. You don't need to buy a fancy balloon arch for your party. Here's how to make a balloon arch of your own.

Buy a balloon arch strip or cut two PVC pipes to create the sides of the arch. Use an aluminium rod for the curved top of the arch. Tape the frame together with electrical tape and make sure it's the height you want.

Draw a circle onto a flat piece of foam (available at any craft store) and make it the diameter or size that you want for your inflated balloons. You could trace this circle from an inflated balloon. This will ensure that all your balloons are the same size. Cut out the circle, and you have your balloon template.

Inflate a balloon. Make it larger than the size you want it to be. Place it on top of your balloon template and slowly let the air out till the balloon fits snugly inside the template. Overfilling the balloon makes it stretchier and easier to work with.

Tie the balloon closed and continue to fill balloons using the template to ensure they're the same size.

Take a balloon and pull the end through one of the holes in the balloon arch strip, if you bought one instead of using PVC pipe. Continue pulling balloons through the holes until the strip is full to create your arch. Pull the knot through the hole in the strip as well, if you want to be sure that they're secure.

Take two balloons and tie them together at the ends, if you are using the PVC pipe arch. This creates a balloon cluster. Make a second balloon cluster, and twist the end of the two balloon clusters together to create a four-balloon cluster.

Create many more four-balloons clusters. When you are ready to attach them to the PVC pipe, simply twist one of the balloons around the pipe. This is accomplished by slipping the centre of the cluster, where the ends of the balloons are tied together, around the pipe and twisting one or more balloons around the top to hold it. Use tape if necessary.

Use wire or nylon fishing string to attach the sides of the balloon arch to chairs, poles, or the side of a door frame. You can attach the top of the arch to the top frame of the door as well, if it is covering a doorway.


You can create a square instead of a circle for measuring the size of your balloons. After you've drawn the diameter, use a ruler to make lines along the sides of the circle. Where they connect forms the corners of the square. Then simply cut the square out.

Things You'll Need

  • Balloon arch strip
  • 2 PVC pipes
  • Aluminium rod
  • Electrical tape
  • Foam
  • Scissors
  • Balloon inflator
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