How to Reset the HP Procurve Switch Password

Resetting the password on a HP Procurve switch is a simple process that can be accomplished either from the unit itself or through the command console accessible through an Internet browser. Following the steps below will reset the password required to access the control console.

With the unit plugged in and turned on, locate the reset/clear button on your device. The exact location varies depending on the model of switch being used, but is normally found on the front or the back of the device. Your device may have both a "reset" and a "clear" button. Those interested in resetting the password of their device should press the "clear" button in the following steps.

Accessing the reset/clear button may require you to insert the tip of the paper clip or safety-pin into the appropriate hole in order to activate the proper button. Press and hold the reset/clear button for 5 to 10 seconds in order to clear any passwords stored on the device.

Release the reset/clear button to allow the device to reboot. Once the device completes its diagnostics, it will resume normal operations under the original factory settings for devices where the "reset" button was used. Those devices where the "clear" button was available will now allow access to the control console where users can choose a new password.

Those with access to the control console can perform a factory reset by selecting the "reset configuration" command available from the console command prompt.


Save the new password settings somewhere easily accessible to avoid future problems. Consider keeping units that feature the "clear" or "reset" buttons on the front of the device in secure locations such as a locked closet.


Performing a factory reset results in returning ALL values to their original settings. This is not limited to passwords. It includes IP addresses, console event logs, radio interface settings, etc. Returning these values to their original settings may result in connectivity problems and other issues related to changing these settings.

Things You'll Need

  • HP Procurve unit
  • Paper clip or safety-pin
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