A guide to buying an authentic Gucci watch

Updated March 23, 2017

Gucci is one of the biggest name brand designers in the world. Since 1921, Gucci has made a number of high quality items such as handbags and fine crafted watches. Gucci watches are admired throughout the world and make a unique statement of style and elegance for the owner. Due to the popularity of Gucci watches, they are one of the most replicated watches in the market place.

Ask questions

Ask questions of the business or individual you intend to buy your Gucci watch from. Enquire about the design, movement and materials that went into making the watch. If the dealer is unable to answer your questions, chances are they may be selling a replica or be illegitimate altogether. Gucci watches may have a classic or a more flashy appearance. The dials are made of steel and feature a rectangular or classic round design. An authentic Gucci watch will have a "G" logo located on the back of the watch. In addition, authentic Gucci watches have a small "G" in the middle of the clock hands. The clock hands should have a logo that says "Swiss made" around the area where the small "G" is located. Furthermore, Gucci watches are usually made of steel or gold, not gold-plated material or silver. Broken or missing pieces is usually a good indicator that you're not purchasing an authentic Gucci watch. An authentic Gucci watch may range anywhere from £455 into the tens of thousands of pounds. Any seller offering Gucci watches at discount prices is probably selling a replica.

Seller credentials

If the seller appears unprofessional in any manner, avoid doing business with that individual or business. Poorly written e-mails and answering machines handling phone calls during normal business hours are indicators of unprofessional behaviour. These types of businesses or sellers typically will not be sellers of authentic Gucci watches. Gucci watches should be purchased at high end department stores or jewellers. In some cases, you may be able to purchase an authentic Gucci watch at an authorised boutique. If you choose to purchase your Gucci watch from an online auction site such as eBay, research the seller's credentials. Check the seller's feedback. Other eBay members will usually report a seller who engages in less than scrupulous behaviour. Avoid individual sellers of Gucci watches who can't provide references of other satisfied customers. Ask the seller about their return or warranty policies. Discuss payment options. Reputable sellers or businesses will be able to accept a wide range of payments such as credit cards and cheques. Avoid paying with cash or postal orders -- if something fraudulent occurs, you have little chance of recovering your funds.

Serial numbers

Gucci watches have their own unique markings that help certify their authenticity. For example, the Gucci G chrono watch is identified by serial number YA 101312. In most cases, if you know the serial number of the watch you're looking to purchase, you'll be able to contact a jeweller or Gucci watch retailer in order to verify the authenticity of the watch prior to making a purchase. Furthermore, your Gucci watch should come packaged with an authenticity card or certificate of authenticity. This lets you know that your Gucci time piece is authentic. Your Gucci watch should be packaged in a box that says "GUCCI" in all capital letters.

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