How to display your pin collection

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you're announcing your political convictions or accessorising a business suit, pins can add style and fun to your wardrobe. But what do you do with them when you aren't wearing them? Displaying your pin collection shows off favourites and keeps your pin-on accessories within easy reach.

Pin displays can be professional designs for formal preservation, and presentation or simple creations that add whimsy to your decor. Use velvet-lined binder pages, wooden display cases, stacked plastic drawers, ribbon, material, picture frames or clothing to showcase your collection.

Purchase an archival pin album (less than £19) if you wish to show your portable collection off to other collectors and preserve it from dust, moisture and handling, For easy viewing, stick your pins directly to velvet-covered pages separated by transparent plastic sheets in a leather-look three-ring binder casing.

Choose a wooden display case for viewing pins at home, Arrange your collection beneath a hinged glass lid that allows access to as many as 100 pins mounted on a grooved velvet insert. Display case locks are optional.

Buy lightweight plastic drawers to organise collected pins in affordable, stackable trays that are easily transported--this is Ideal for showing in trade show booths, Removable velvet inserts slide out for pin mounting ease and are securely encased to prevent dust, damage and pilfering.

Enclose a permanently mounted collection in a picture frame with a foamboard matting. Decorative cloth ribbon, velvet, felt or any other material of your choice mounted on corkboard or foam provides an attractive informal backdrop for pins.

Consider casually displaying inexpensive pins on hats and clothes. Mount small decorative pins on a gardening hat with a band of ribbon, or larger playful pins with slogans on a baseball cap or fisherman's hat. Scarves draped over tables and the lapels of blazers draped over hooks or dress forms are other stylish mounting options for pin collections.


Displayed pin collections may become a focal point of your living room, bathroom or bedroom.


Mounting your pin collection on a blazer or hat may leave permanent holes in the fabric. Be aware of possible damage before using clothing to display your pin collection. Pins are portable and range widely in value. Stickpins containing precious gems require different settings than "Kiss Me I'm Irish" buttons. Consider the pins' worth and whether you are showing your collection publicly to large numbers of people or for your personal pleasure at home when choosing a display method.

Things You'll Need

  • Album with velvet-lined pages
  • Wooden display case
  • Stackable plastic drawer
  • Ribbon
  • Picture frames
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Blazers
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