How to Tell If Your Burberry Purse Is Real

Updated April 17, 2017

The British fashion house Burberry is known for its classic tailored outerwear for men and woman, as well as its accessories and handbags. The luxury goods brand has two signature handbags, the Classic Check and the Nova Check styles. The Burberry Classic Check is tan with a symmetrical pattern of horizontal and vertical black and red stripes. The Nova Check style is cream coloured with black and pink stripes in the same pattern as the Classic Check style. Designer handbags are status symbols and investments, so you want to make sure you spend your money on the real thing.

Hold the bag up at eye-level. Inspect the alignment of the pattern at the seams of the Burberry purse. Real Burberry purses have a checkered pattern that aligns at all seams. Sloppy seams, intricate patterns or sides that do not match indicate a fake Burberry. The black and red stripes or black and pink stripes meet on the side and bottom of a real Burberry purse, depending on whether the style is Classic or Nova Check.

Turn the purse so the front faces you and look at the emblem. A real Burberry purse has a metal tag on the front that spells out "Burberry London." If the tag is not present, the purse should have the Burberry symbol of a knight on the centre front of the bag. Notice the font and spelling of the Burberry emblem and make sure its size and proportion are consistent with the size of the purse. Tags that are of another material or too large for the size of the bag may indicate a fake. Real Burberry purses also have gold-toned or silver-toned hardware.

Open the purse and examine the inside label. A real Burberry purse will have the word "Burberry London" on the label, and a serial number starting with a letter and followed a number sequence, as well as the words "Made in Italy" on the opposite side of the label. Make sure the spelling and font on the label are the same as the tag on the front of the Burberry purse.

Compare the style of your purse with current Burberry styles being sold on the brand’s website as well as by other luxury retailers such as Neiman Marcus or Price points should be similar. A deeply discounted Burberry purse most likely is not real. Luxury handbags carry a heavy price tag.

Research Burberry's website for pattern consistency, colour, trends and other characteristics to compare your bag with real Burberry purses. After you study other Burberry products, you should be able to confirm the authenticity of your bag. Note the common materials used and look for zipper brands Lampo, Riri and YKK engraved in the metal, which can readily identify a real Burberry.


Follow your instincts. If your first feeling flags the purse, try looking for other options. Visit a local Burberry retailer and browse their handbags. Buy directly from the Burberry website or store, or a designated retailer, to ensure authenticity.


Purchase your purse from a creditable website or retailer, or you will run a higher risk of buying a fake.

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