How to Kill the Echo on a Cell Phone

Updated February 21, 2017

Cell phones are a convenient and vital part of modern society as a means of both personal and business communication. They can also be frustrating devices due to their necessity and the many technical problems that can spring up in the course of a phone call. Common issues include static, dropped calls and echoing, and they can happen at very inopportune times. You can fix echoing with minimal effort.

Ask the other caller to turn down the volume on his phone. This may help eliminate feedback and stop the echoing effect. If the other caller is on a speakerphone, have him switch to a handset. Adjust your own volume as needed.

Move into another room. There may be something in the acoustics of the room you are in that is preventing the echo canceler in your phone from working properly. Switching locations may alleviate this.

Hold the phone's microphone closer to your mouth. A faraway microphone can make the echo worse. Speaking directly into the mouthpiece can help minimise echoing.

Hang up the phone and call the other person back. Resetting the call will frequently eliminate a number of calling glitches.


If you experience echoes frequently during your calls, you may want to get a new phone or switch to a new service provider.

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