How Do You Get a Lexmark Printer to Notice That You Refilled the Cartridges?

Updated April 17, 2017

Refilling the ink cartridge in the Lexmark printer does not end when you refill the cartridge. The cartridge needs to be reset to work in the printer. This is only necessary if the ink cartridge has been refilled at home and not if you are replacing the ink with brand-new cartridges. A chip on the cartridge indicates the ink level to the printer. When a cartridge is refilled, this chip is not automatically reset. The refilled cartridge needs to be reset for the printer to recognise it as full.

Return the refilled cartridges to the printer. You can do this by pressing the ink button or sometimes just opening the lid of the printer. If there is a clamp over the ink slot, open it and press the cartridges into the correct slots. Close the clamp and close the lid of the printer.

Power down the printer by holding the "Power" button.

Hold down the "Go" or "Ready" or "Select" button and the "Return" button to enter diagnostics mode. The printer will then perform a self-test.

Select the "Printer Setup" option when the screen on the printer indicates "Print Registration" or a similar option. Scroll through to the "Maintenance Page Count" or a similar option and choose "Select." Reset the maintenance page count by finding the option and pressing "Select." Reset the count to zero.

Hit "Return" to exit to the main menu.


Replace the colour and black cartridges to the appropriate slots.

Things You'll Need

  • Lexmark printer
  • Refilled cartridges
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