How to Determine the Authenticity of a Burberry Coat

Updated April 17, 2017

As with other coveted luxury items, Burberry coats are being copied by counterfeiters looking to profit from brand-hungry consumers. The counterfeit goods industry has evolved into a slick, multibillion dollar operation in recent years, and phoney designer products are becoming increasingly difficult to identify. Before you part with your cash, educate yourself about how to spot a fake Burberry coat.

Research Burberry coats and familiarise yourself with the look and feel of the brand. Examine Burberry coats offered by reputable retail outlets. The more familiar you become with authentic Burberry coats, the less likely you are to be fooled into buying a fake.

Examine the check pattern. The Nova Check design should be symmetrical, lining up across the seams. The colour comprises three thick navy blue stripes that crosshatch one another and three slimmer red stripes that cross the centre of the blue check.

Read the label and look at the hangtags. Authentic Burberry labels read “London.” If the label indicates that the coat was made anywhere else, it is a fake. Hangtags should be firmly attached with thick navy thread that requires scissors to remove.

Feel the material. Burberry uses high-quality silk, cotton and leather to create coats, and these materials have a distinct feel. Run your hand over the coat. Counterfeit coats will not have the soft, buttery texture of real Burberry.

Look carefully at the buttons, lining and labels. Authentic Burberry coats have even linings, straight labels that are firmly attached and buttons embossed with the classic Burberry font. Beware of loosely attached buttons and flimsy, asymmetrical linings—these are sure signs of a fake.

Examine the price. As of 2010, Burberry coats range in price from £357 for a short trench to nearly £3,250 for a leather coat, according to the official Burberry website. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Go to a luxury retailer and take a look at the real thing. Usually a quick comparison between your own coat and the coat in the store will give you a good idea of its authenticity. If you still cannot tell, consult a sales associate. Although some sales associates may be reluctant to authenticate your coat, most are happy to assist.


Purchase Burberry coats from official Burberry stores or from reliable, high-end retailers. Avoid purchasing Burberry coats from eBay or other Internet outlets. For every story of a discounted designer find on the web, there are 10 more about people being tricked into buying fakes.


If you purchase a fake Burberry coat from eBay, you may be stuck with it. Often eBay sellers who offer counterfeit goods do not give refunds, despite promises to do so.

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